Rhino 950 HD

Rhino 950 HD

The Rhino 950 HD Platinum band sawmill offers sawyers an economical and durable solution to meet their milling needs. The head moves up and down along galvanized steel square tubing via a PLC controlled system. The blade is kept lubricated by utilizing water gravity feed system that open and close with a solenoid valve. This prevents sap from gumming up your blade.

All working features of the mill are done from the control post. It comes with a 7” touch screen, controls for up/down movement of cutting head and the forward/backwards cutting. The hydraulic levers are situated under the control panel. With ease heavy logs can be loaded, turned and clamped.

The mill is capable of cutting 1100mm diameter logs up to 7.2m long. Capable of squaring cants at 950mm or skimming veneers at as thin as 1.5mm. The Rhino 950 HD will cut within 30mm of the deck ensuring you maximize your usable board foot output.

The Rhino 950 HD Platinum is powered by 15kw 3 phase electric motor.

Track System
The head of our machine rolls along rigid 75mm x 45mm x 8mm “L” channel which is bolted to the log deck sides and cross supported with heavy duty 1070mm x 330mm laser cut and precision bended cross bunks. These cross bunks supports ensure the weight of the log is dispersed over a large bearing surface to avoid marking the log with indentation. They also provide additional rigidity to the track system.

The Rhino 950 HD Platinum utilizes 32/35mm x 4300mm x 22mm double harden blades which are available through Rhino Band Sawmills. Blade kerf is kept to a minimum at just 2mm to maximize the most amount of lumber per log.

The sawmill is covered with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer’s defect that excludes wearing parts (belts, blades & bearings etc.).



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