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Many of our customers ask us about kiln drying versus air drying, the advantages of each, and what
we personally recommend here at Rhino Sawmills. 

This article explores this topic in more detail and
we invite you our valued customers to speak to our sawmilling team directly if you have any
questions or need further advice.

Below is a basic guide on how to air dry timber:

1. Choose the Right Timber and Plan Well from the Start.
Start with well-seasoned or green wood that has been freshly cut. Ideally, the wood should…

Here at Rhino Sawmills we often get asked how a customer can determine the right amount of motor that they will need to cut their specific wood. The right amount of KW or HP for a band sawmill is crucial to ensure fast and effective log cutting. Here are some tips to help you calculate the motor power you need:

  1. Understand Your Log Size and Density:
    Measure the largest and heaviest logs you plan to cut. Consider the diameter, length…

The amount of timber  you can cut in a day depends on many important factors, including the size of the logs, the hardness of the wood, the strength of the sawmill you have chosen, your own experience as factory owner and the experience and skill of your work force, the moisture content of your wood or how recently it was cut, the time you spend handling your logs and many other operational considerations.

Here are some tips to help you estimate how many cubic meters of timber you can cut in a day:

  1. Log Size and Species:
    The size and species of the wood you are cutting have a major impact on….

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