About Us

Rhino Band Sawmills was born from the owner’s need to have a band saw capable to cut logs for the bee hives he was building. As he was unable to find a band saw capable of cutting the desired sizes at an affordable price he decided to build his own. The saw was quickly noticed by passers-by who needed to have their own Rhino 700. And voilà! A new business was born in Potchefstroom with the Rhino 700 Band Sawmill.

Since these humble beginnings in 2008 the business has grown significantly and the owner opened a factory.

The band sawmills that are developed by Rhino Band Sawmills are a good example of localisation through initial reverse engineering and further product development and optimisation. Previously South African sawyers had to buy imported sawmills. However, Rhino Band Sawmills developed band sawmills in Africa for the African industry.